Why Go With Us?

To home

Computer and network device services

  • Home visits

  • Remote desktop service

  • Pick up for servicing devices

  • Drop off and setup computers and devices

  • Setup of computers and networks

  • Backups

  • Security and malware check ups

  • Optimise and clean ups


To Business

  • Onsite services

  • Remote login services

  • Management of web services and social media

  • Backup setup and management

  • Computer and networking solutions and setup

  • Security consultation and management

What Have We Done?


  • Serviced many desktop and laptop computers, with hardware and software issues

  • Do security checks on compromised computers, due to scams especially ones required by banks to be checked before it can be used by account holders again.

  • Checking and clearing computers of malware and virus issues

  • Data recovery, even from failing hard drives

  • Fixing up and improving performance of old systems to make them useable again

  • Built and delivered quality computers that are customised to the customers’ needs





  • Serviced and setup bank teller machines

  • Serviced and setup networks

  • Managed and setup backup solutions

  • Managed websites

  • Built and serviced business computers

  • Supplied and setup low powered and small PC solutions for things such as internet kiosks and digital signs.

  • Server setup and management

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