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Tech Tutorials - for those who need help! 

Got a new computer? Trying to figure out how to do something new on your device and not sure how to go about it? Worried about the security of your devices?

We provide tutorials to your door. We can sit down with you and provide guided lessons, tips and other advice on how to get the best out of your computer and tech devices.

List below are some of the more common things we provide.

•    To your door lessons
•    Sit down and be guided through how to use your computer
•    Want to know how to do a specific thing on you PC?
•    How to use Windows all versions
•    Best email practices
•    Questions and answers
•    Security advice and practices
•    Backup solutions
•    Web browsing safely
•    How to avoid being scammed
•    Using phones and tablets
•    Best ways to network devices, such as phone to PC
•    Transfer photos to one device to another
•    We can also provide remote desktop help in some cases


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